Hydration Bodybuilding

Why Hydration is key!

We hear so often in the Gym about lack of energy, concentration and generally not being able to get to your fitness goals even though you are putting in the hours.

Hydration is mostly always the issue. Hydration and training should always be spoken about together, we just can’t stress this information enough during our classes and on our nutrition plans. Here we want to give you a bit of information on why it’s so important and it may just give you some insights into your training pattern and possible dehydration. Listen up guys this could be the key to hitting those targets!

It’s no secret that the human body is made primarily of water, around 60-70% actually, so it should come of little surprise that boring old water is essential for maintaining good health and helping you to reach fitness targets. Yet despite this information being plastered around the web we just don’t seem to drink enough of it! Crazy isn’t it!

Hydration Bodybuilding
Lemon water is very refreshing and an antioxidant

How much water should we drink?

Now this is a tricky question to answer, there is no hard and fast rule however we are pretty confident that the 8×8 (Eight x Eight ounces) rule does not apply to anyone who trains like we do at SQ. There is absolutely no chance that this amount of water should be recommended for people who are looking to lose fat and build muscle and especially not if you are adding ‘Lifting’ into the equation.

When thinking about our water intake we need to consider our body weight and activity levels, we must always, as an absolute minimum, be replacing what we have lost through working out. Your body needs around 23 ounces of water to replace every pound lost during workouts, although the only way to measure this properly would be to weigh in before and after each session which isn’t always practical, so we tend to suggest that the more you sweat the more you drink. As a general rule we go by 3 litres a day, if you have had a particular session that has caused a lot of perspiration then you will need to up this to make sure that you have covered what you have lost.

Why do we need more when we train?

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated allows you to build muscle and lose fat more efficiently, this is because when you are hydrated your body is equipped to function as it should. It has been proven that even a dip of 2% water loss can cause decreased concentration and energy levels, mood swings and greater fatigue…….none of this adds up to a happy camper. It has also been proven that staying hydrated helps improve physical strength, increases fat burning, reduces food cravings, reduces water weight and rids toxins from the body…………..Win win win!!!

How do I know if I am dehydrated?

There are a few easy ways to tell if you are suffering from dehydration, one is thirst……….if you are thirsty you are dehydrated, that’s an easy one. The second is the colour of your urine, the clearer it is the more hydrated you are so, If your wee is bright yellow or even ‘brownish’ and you aren’t taking medication or supplements that could effect this then you are most certainly dehydrated. Another sign, although less easy to class as dehydration are cramps. If you are getting these during a training session it could be down to dehydration, but of course this could also be down to other issues such as low salt & low carb diets.

Our biggest tip for staying hydrated is little and often, spread your water consumption over the day instead of taking massive gulps when you remember. Although water is the best tool for rehydrating we know that it can get very boring so we always try and keep it fresh by using Citrus fruits, berries and even cucumber in our water – it’s really refreshing and actually helps with getting the water on board. And lastly start NOW..go to the kitchen refill your water bottle and get sipping! Let’s get you to those goals safely!