We offer personal training services in Reading with highly skilled trainers

Our personal training sessions are an assured way for you to achieve your fitness goals. Our qualified team of personal trainers will push you to your limits and provide you with nutritional advice throughout your training journey. Whether you are training for Reading Half Marathon, Tough Mudder or just want to get fit, our fitness instructors are there to help you.

Our unique and tailored personal trainers will help you gain muscle, lose fat and significantly improve your fitness levels.

Our friendly team are available throughout the day, so give us a ring on 0118 322 4670 or contact our personal trainers via the contact form today!

Here’s a quick glimpse into one of our personal training sessions.

It’s that time of year when your enthusiasm for all those resolutions you made is starting to wear off. When it comes time to head out for those trips to the gym you resolved to make, you are no longer bouncing out the door. Instead it’s a battle to get going and the slightest obstacle can be enough to derail your trip entirely. A few more missed sessions and you’ll probably stop going all together, after all you’re not really seeing any benefits anyway. If this sounds familiar but you genuinely want to do a better job of looking after yourself then you should consider investing in a personal trainer and coming down to check out our gym in Reading.

What are the benefits of personal training?

Working with a good personal trainer is so much better than just going to the gym on your own or even than going to a class. The benefits come in two main forms; motivation and effectiveness.

Let’s address motivation first. A good personal trainer will make working out genuinely enjoyable. Your personal training is just that personal. Your trainer is there to support you and keep you motivated, you will probably find that you get to know each other really well after a few sessions. Once you do build that personal relationship it gives you even more motivation to get out the door and make it to your sessions. It’s harder to make excuse to not go when you will be standing up someone that you like to spend time with. Your personal trainer can also help you to keep on track with your diet, knowing that someone will be checking in with you might help you to make a few better decisions.

Next let’s consider effectiveness. Your personal trainer will work with you towards to goals that you want to set. Your workouts will be tailored to get the results that you want, whatever they are. Since you are not doing a general workout, but one that is tailored to your goals, you will begin to see results much quicker than you would working on your own, or going to one of our Shred Sessions.

How is a personal training session better than working out on your own?

It may be tempting to think that you can just do some research, watch a few videos and figure out a workout routine that will achieve your goals. What you won’t get from that is someone helping you with your form so that you get the maximum benefit from every move. You won’t get someone giving you the encouragement and confidence to try and lift a few more kilos or get that one extra push up. You will also miss out on the guidance that will keep you improving. If you just keep doing the same workout you won’t see any benefits. So why not take all the planning out and leave it to someone else, that way you can just enjoy your workouts and walk out of the gym feeling good about yourself.

My partner and I had our first shred session this morning, we didn’t know what to expect, but were immediately greeting by Adam and Hannah who were so welcoming and lovely. I’m not going to lie, it was really hard work! It was tailored to both of our needs, and it was really nice having some girly advice along the way, Hannah made some of the exercises slightly easier for me… (I’ve been out of exercise for a while) but I left feeling totally motivated and can’t wait to get back down there to get beasted again. Thank you guys!

Done my first session tonight and really enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so friendly and the guys made you feel welcome. The set up is amazing, very professional and a totally refreshing experience. I’ll be back this week to sign up for sure..

I do love Shredquarters! Friendly welcome from everyone. Adam and Hannah know their stuff and will push you to your limit, but they know that everyone’s limit is different and really personalise their advice and encouragement. Never been to a gym like it and now I’m addicted!

What an awesome setup!! I turned up for a shred session today and I’m so glad I did! I was lucky enough to be taken through the session by Adam and Hannah who quickly informed me that they DON’T USE MACHINES THEY BUILD THEM! And I can vouch for that mantra. If you are looking for a gym with a community feel, no egos and your prepared to work bloody hard then this is the place for you!

Joining Shred has so far been a life changer.

7 weeks on with a break for Christmas and I’m loving it. I’m currently 3 stone over weight & haven’t really exercised like this in 5 years. Before joining The Shredquarters I’d spent 1 year training & competing in a number of half marathons & ending it with a marathon. The thing is, I had a goal, that’s what kept me going. I had to complete these challenges,  there was no alternative.

Unfortunately I struggle with will power, I have no belief that I can do things & ultimately every time life gets tough I back down, tell myself I can’t do it & it’s game over. ‘Conventional’ gyms don’t work for me. I get embarrassed when I struggle, I can be quite imitated in an environment where everyone is just drop dead fit & gorgeous (which of course everyone of teamSQ are :-)) ! I needed help, encouragement & just a bit of guidance.

I heard about The Shredquarters months ago…followed a family members progress through an 8 week Shred, still it was never a place you’d get me in as I believed all gyms are ultimately the same. Stuck up, intimidating and out of my league & basically left to your own devices which doesn’t work for me….I just wouldn’t go. How wrong was I? How can so many people, that you don’t know, support you through tough challenges? How can people like me fit in a place like this? WELL I DO & I LOVE it! If I had known what I do now about The Shredquarters then maybe I would have started my journey a long time ago. I’m accepted.

Hannah, Adam, Carlton & Gemma certainly LOVE their jobs….. they are so motivated to get the best out of you. Yes, it hurts, yes i have to have regular breathers, yes I must look like an octopus whilst doing some of the exercises, yes I’m still so un-fit  (yet getting fitter by the day), yes my co-ordination is shocking and yes when I’m flat down sweating my arse off they check on me to make sure I’m not in fact dead…… BUT I’m here, I’m improving & these guys have totally pushed and motivated me. To me it feels like personal training every session & for that I’m so grateful. My first goal is just learning to exercise again and that’s fine – yes totally FINE! I walk out of there sometimes feeling like superwoman, I could conquer anything. That’s the team for you…. that’s how they want you to feel!

The Shredquarters I love you!!!