New SQ Member

Joining Shred has so far been a life changer.

7 weeks on with a break for Christmas and I’m loving it. I’m currently 3 stone over weight & haven’t really exercised like this in 5 years. Before joining The Shredquarters I’d spent 1 year training & competing in a number of half marathons & ending it with a marathon. The thing is, I had a goal, that’s what kept me going. I had to complete these challenges,  there was no alternative.

Unfortunately I struggle with will power, I have no belief that I can do things & ultimately every time life gets tough I back down, tell myself I can’t do it & it’s game over. ‘Conventional’ gyms don’t work for me. I get embarrassed when I struggle, I can be quite imitated in an environment where everyone is just drop dead fit & gorgeous (which of course everyone of teamSQ are :-)) ! I needed help, encouragement & just a bit of guidance.

I heard about The Shredquarters months ago…followed a family members progress through an 8 week Shred, still it was never a place you’d get me in as I believed all gyms are ultimately the same. Stuck up, intimidating and out of my league & basically left to your own devices which doesn’t work for me….I just wouldn’t go. How wrong was I? How can so many people, that you don’t know, support you through tough challenges? How can people like me fit in a place like this? WELL I DO & I LOVE it! If I had known what I do now about The Shredquarters then maybe I would have started my journey a long time ago. I’m accepted.

Hannah, Adam, Carlton & Gemma certainly LOVE their jobs….. they are so motivated to get the best out of you. Yes, it hurts, yes i have to have regular breathers, yes I must look like an octopus whilst doing some of the exercises, yes I’m still so un-fit  (yet getting fitter by the day), yes my co-ordination is shocking and yes when I’m flat down sweating my arse off they check on me to make sure I’m not in fact dead…… BUT I’m here, I’m improving & these guys have totally pushed and motivated me. To me it feels like personal training every session & for that I’m so grateful. My first goal is just learning to exercise again and that’s fine – yes totally FINE! I walk out of there sometimes feeling like superwoman, I could conquer anything. That’s the team for you…. that’s how they want you to feel!

The Shredquarters I love you!!!